Parents  discuss, understand, and build upon their skills to support the TCK students in their lives. Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the global nomad experience and their roles as parents and mentors in the international school community to support the growth and development of students as they prepare for life outside the international school. 

  • Providing guidance and support while students begin to make their own decisions regarding their educational futures

  • Engaging with other parents and administrators to develop a support system and resource bank to support TCK students through high school and beyond.

Student & Parent Workshops

We believe students should be empowered as they begin their journey through the college admissions process. Our student workshops facilitate an active learning environment that enables students to support each other through their self development and college admissions. Parents workshops focus on how parents can be supportive as their students begin their own intercultural journey from high school to college!​

Student learning outcomes include:

  • Developing a sense of personal identity as it relates to their academic and personal skills and interests through a TCK lens that enables them to communicate with others and answer the question, "Where are you from"

  • Connecting with university resources such as the international center before orientation to support the college transition

  • Identifying on-campus opportunities for students to enhance their academic, social, and physical involvement and ensure students understand the importance of creating a university community

  • Discussing the realities of living on your own including - how to budget, handling emergency situations, overall family expectations (transportation, communication, grades, employment, etc.)

High schools and parent groups interested in hosting workshops connect with Intercultural Transitions to learn how we can support your community!​

"We were fortunate to have our rising eleventh grade daughter attend a series of three college preparedness workshops with Dr. Hannah Morris.  Each session was broken down into easy to understand increments to help demystify the daunting process of applying for and being accepted to university. She spoke not only to the parents, but to the students directly so they had a connection and understood the greatest burden of these choices truly lies with them. That they need to research and find their perfect match. Dr. Morris provided many resources and valuable advice from an insiders perspective from her days as part of the admissions department at a major state university in Florida. Her insight was keen and honest. Our daughter greatly benefited from the sessions with Dr. Morris and we would highly recommend her guidance to any parents and their high school age children. - JeanAnn V.

Graduating Global Nomad Workshop Series 

Parent learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the realities of college campuses today and how parents can participate in constructive conversations

  • Providing guidance while students learn to make decisions on their own

  • Supporting students dealing with the excitements and pressures of college while on the other side of the world

  • Discussing budgets, emergency situations, academic and professional expectations, getting together and communicating to have plans set prior to the student's departure

Preparing Globally Mobile students

​for Success in college and beyond!

Real Results

Preparing for College as a Global Nomad Workshop Series 

Students participate in activities designed to help with identity development and the college transition process, student learning outcomes include:

  • Developing a sense of personal identity as it relates to their academic and personal skills and interests through a TCK lens that enables them to communicate with others inside and outside of the international school community.

  • Understanding the college search and admissions process and how personal identity can be a tool used to identify universities and write admissions applications

  • Cultivating an awareness for the expectations and needs in transitioning from the international school and family unit to university including mastering independent living skills, establishing and maintaining balance, and practicing physical and emotional wellness.

  • Building personal leadership skills to mentor and guide peer TCK students as they prepare for and transition from the international school setting to university.