Preparing Globally Mobile students

​for Success in college and beyond!

Programs & services:

Preparing for college is an exciting time in a young student's life. While high schools help students choose courses and prepare for college admissions, many students and families are searching for a holistic counseling experience. From searching for the best fit to transiting to first year at your student's dream school, Intercultural Transitions has the professional experience, academic expertise, and passion to help your family navigate this exciting time and your student achieve their dreams.

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Globally mobile students have access to wonderful opportunities but face different challenges from their domestic peers as they prepare for and grow in college. From finding their niche to understanding more about their own cultures, Intercultural Transitions has the tools to help your student. 

Counselor Professional Development

Students participate in interactive identity building sessions focused on understanding their individual academic, personal, and physical needs to ensure college success. Families  learn about their role supporting their student as they plan their first intercultural move as an adult!

Sessions are provided virtually and in-person, emailIntercultural Traditionstoday to see how you can host a workshop at your school!

Are you new to college admissions or working with globally mobile students? Is your secondary school developing programming to help prepare students both academically and socio-emotionally for their transition to college? 

​Intercultural Transitions guides counselors as they build their in-house support services for workshops and program series on high school campuses.